Brittani Faulkes
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artist statement


I am inspired by nature, our human relationship and interaction with nature, and the intimation of a spiritual presence in nature.

The influence of photography is found in my artwork. I often crop a familiar scene as if using a camera as a viewfinder. I will compress an image and omit the middle ground, as if using a telephoto lens. I will look at a scene from a viewpoint one normally wouldn't take. I will zoom in and extract a part of a whole. I will alter or distort a subject's colour or shape as if changing lenses or filters. In my process of abstraction, I will emphasize or omit details in order to convey my personal response to my subject. In my paintings, I invite the viewer to look at and respond to the familiar in new and challenging ways.

The images I create often begin as identifiable subjects, and may end up as nonfigurative abstractions. But inherent to both ends of the spectrum and inbetween, I am describing the landscape as a host, willing or unwilling, for human presence and human intervention.